A traumatic farm attack took place on 5 October 2018, between 01:00 and 04:45, on a Welgegund smallholding in Pretoria West, Gauteng. The inside perimeter beams were activated around 01h00, after the attackers bypassed, and cut through the electric fence.

The resident, Niel looked and could not see anything and reactivated the alarm, but the attackers were inside the property already. They gained access to the house from the balcony. The male victim was surprised by three armed black males in his bed. (one armed with a pistol and ²nd with a crowbar).

Both the man and woman were tied up. They forced the victims to open the safe, and took their time ransacking the house. The suspects and fled the scene at around 04h45, taking with them: jewellery, camaras, 2 laptops. R1800± in cash, mobile phones, TV, and meat.

The couple did not sustain any physical injury, but are extremely traumatized.

Patrollers with dogs and SAPS followed the tracks but no arrests have been made yet. The suspects came with their own ladder to gain access to the first floor.

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