Two private vehicle testing stations in Soweto and Pretoria have been shut down due to alleged fraud and corruption.

Gauteng roads and transport MEC Ismail Vadi said on Monday: ”The Innovative Roadworthy Testing Station in Soweto, owned by Themba Nxumalo, and the Hercules Roadworthy Centre in Pretoria, jointly owned by Ahmed Suliman Ismail and Afzal Abramjee, were closed down on Friday after an investigation by the provincial roads and transport department.

”As part of the Gauteng government’s commitment to improving road safety and its zero tolerance approach towards fraud and corruption, registration certificates of these two testing stations were cancelled on 1 March.”

He said the closing of the testing stations came after an investigation by his department and law enforcement authorities. Three vehicle examiners and one cashier were arrested at the Innovative Roadworthy Testing Station in Soweto in October 2017.

”Similarly, a management representative and three examiners were arrested at the Hercules Roadworthy Centre in Pretoria in November and are facing charges of fraudulently issuing roadworthy certificates to vehicles that were not presented for testing,” Vadi said.

”Vehicles that are not roadworthy contribute to the high accident rates and fatalities on our roads. Testing stations that issue fraudulent roadworthy certificates are complicit in this regard.”

Hercules Roadworthy Centre in Pretoria is one of two that have had their registration certificates cancelled for issuing roadworthy certificates for vehicles that had not been presented for inspection.

African News Agency

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