As we reported before, land claims in suburban areas are becoming the norm. The stark reality is that people should realize that these land claims are a far greater threat than what they initially thought.

Front National attended a meeting on 19 February 2019, held by Afriforum at Leriba Lodge, pertaining to the pending land claim in Centurion. The land claim stretches over 4000 hectares and it effects more than 2000 households. This includes areas such as: Zwartkop, Doornkloof, Rooihuiskraal, Olievenhoutbosch, Hoekplaats, Trigaardspoort, The Reeds, Brakfontein, Heuweloord, Louwlardia, Kosmosdal and Midstream. Some properties have up to seven claims on the same property and each claim must be dealt with individually. Alarmingly the land claim also includes Laerskool Rooihuiskraal (with 2000 Afrikaans pupils) and a piece of the Danie Joubert N1 highway. The total value of all the property affected is estimated at over R4Billion. The attendance was huge and more than 1000 people attended the meeting. Front National stands in solidarity with their members who are also affected by these land claims and Front National supports any initiative that will appose these questionable land claims.

Kallie Kriel, CEO of Afriforum, says that political leaders have created unrealistic expectations about land and that Afriforum will not stand back and allow legal owners of land pay the price for this.

As we reported before, the claim was lodged in 1998 on behalf of 39 members of the Mahlangu family, but only gazetted 20 years later, in June 2018. In the meantime all the original claimants passed on. That alone raises many question marks why the claimants waited a full 20 years before the claim was gazetted. A similar claim is also pending in Pretoria-East.

Ian Cameron, head of safety for Afriforum, says that since the 1st of January 2019, over 70 land-grabs were reported. Irresponsible comments by politicians and frivolous land claims is setting the tone for these kind of land-grabs. Afriforum have drafted and outlined a comprehensive 13 point plan to fight these land claims in Centurion.

Willie Spies, form Hurter & Spies Attorneys, says that property ownership in South Africa is severely under threat. The looming changes to Sec25 of the Constitution, compounds the problem. Currently, any person who wants to sell their property, or rent out their property or make any changes on the property must first give 30 days notice to the Land claims Commissioner. Government have given an extension on all land claims until June 2019. Indications are that there is another 15 pending land claims in the Centurion area and will be submitted before June 2019.

These claims have a direct influence on property values. But it not only influences the properties directly affected by the claims, but it also effects the value of neighboring properties as well.

Residents have formed a civic rights group called ReThRo. Both Afriforum and ReThRo have taken hands to address this land claim together. Any person who would like to find out if their property is affected by the land claim can visit their website and see on the maps if their property is on the list. Their website is:

These land claims have set the tone of what we can expect in the future. Suburban areas, including schools and highways are under threat and we need to take heed of what is happening. Land claims are not just limited to farms or empty pieces of land anymore.

We encourage our members to submit their mandates and objections on the allocated Afriforum website. Even if you are not affected by the land claim, you can still object to the land claim as these land claims directly influence property rights and property values. You can also find out more about the land claims and what they entail. Go to:
People can also submit queries to:

Front National agree that property rights are fundamental rights that are protected by International Law. We also encourage our members to fight these dubious land claims collectively. Every legal remedy should be used to protect your property rights. BUT, we do not know for how long can our people stave off these land claims and land grabs indefinitely. We have seen what happened in Zimbabwe and we see many similarities happening here in South Africa. We need to keep in mind that the Land Claim Commissioners are political appointees and the mere fact that these kind of questionable and dubious claims are even considered and the looming changes to Section 25 of the Constitution, should serve as a serious warning.

Front National maintains that the only sure way that we can guarantee our future and guarantee the protection of our property rights, is to have self-determination in our own self-governed area. We have the right to self-determination in terms of trite International Law, several International Treaties and Section 235 of our Constitution. It is time that we claim our right.

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Hierdie berig weerspieël nie noodwendig die mening van SAUK-nuus nie.

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