Tshwane mayor Solly Msimanga this morning led a crime clean-up campaign in Sunnyside alongside the Tshwane Metro police, emergency services and municipal water and electricity technicians.

The raid meant to tackle drug dealings, illegal electricity and water connections, by-law enforcement and the reclaiming of the municipality’s buildings.

Msimanga pointed out several illegal power connections and meter tempering at Nuweveld building on Troy Street as he inspected the municipal flat. He said the building owed the City at least R2 million in rates alone and it was about time it complied.

During the raid, Msimanga introduced himself to several tenants and asked to speak to caretakers of buildings. This he said was because the City was determined to eradicate all criminal activities in the city.

The mayor also visited Nix Accommodation on Rissik Street near Unisa in Sunnyside to inspect the building for possible illegal connections.

The metro police officers said that the building needed to be inspected by inspectors from the disaster management department because it was overcrowded and that could cause several illegal activities.

As the mayor and his team inspected the flats, Some tenants looked down from their windows. Msimanga’s team only sent out notice of this campaign early this morning in an attempt to reduce the chances of criminals finding out about the raid in advance.

The mayor said this campaign was a continuation of several clean-up attempts that took place in the past. He said more of these trips would be taken to achieve a fully compliant City.

The crew was also joined by tow trucks who sought to enforce bylaws by impounding vehicles of motorists who did not comply with city parking laws and rules.

Msimanga also visited the notorious Tamboti flat in the Sunnyside area. He said the police would also spend the whole week visiting all notorious spots in Sunnyside to make criminals and bylaw offenders uncomfortable.

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