Prasa will completely close Pretoria Railway Station with no trains accessing the station for 40 days with effect from December 14 until January 22.

The work will involve the replacement of old signals, turnouts and points machines as part of Prasa’s modernisation programme. The benefits of a new modernised infrastructure will be a safer, faster, smoother and world class train service with improved traveling times.

An occupation will be taken during this period and trains will be monitored to ensure safe movement. During the construction phase the following train service will apply:

1. Trains from the Saulsville corridor (00), De Wildt corridor (44) and Mabopane (18) will turn around at Bosman Station.

2. All trains on the northern side will terminate at Bosman Station and Mears Street Station.

3. A shuttle train service (31s) will run between Mears Street Station and Koedoespoort. Buses will ferry commuters to Bosman Station.

4. Another shuttle train service (81s) will run between Pienaarspoort to Bosman via Capital Park route.

5. All Johannesburg – Pretoria trains (06s) will turn at Centurion Station, buses will ferry commuters to Bosman Station.

6. The only tickets that will be sold are to commuters traveling between listed stations.

Commuters are advised to adhere to the service announcements made at stations during this period to be familiar with the revised train timetable.

The final testing and commissioning of the newly installed electronic signalling system in the Park Station complex is going well. Many platforms had been turned back to operations running with the new system, proving that the transition from the old system to the new electronic interlocking system had been a huge success.

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