With people getting ready for the upcoming holiday season, it is natural to be slightly more relaxed at this time of the year.

Relaxation mode, however, might be the worst thing to do while behind the wheel during the holiday and festive season.

Hijackings, common as they are, tend to happen more frequently during the festive season.

Motorists in and around the city are required to be more vigilant at all times to avoid becoming a statistic.

It is also advisable for motorists to familiarise themselves with hijacking hotspots.

Compiled by the SAPS, various tracking companies and the South African crime intelligence bureau, Pro-ActiveSA made an all-in-one list of hijacking hotspot areas.

Pro-ActiveSA said: “It will provide the reader with a visual overview of areas to be most aware of.”

Areas and streets prone to hijacking occurrences include:

– Es’kia Mphahlele Drive

– Paul Kruger Street

– R55

– Burnett Street

– Delfi Avenue and Garsfontein Road

– Stormvoel Road traffic lights

– Watermeyer Street traffic lights

– Nelson Mandela Drive

– Simon Vermooten Road and Lynnwood Road

– Lynnwood Road and Solomon Mahlangu Drive

– Justice Mahomed Street (Walker Street)

– Duncan Street

– Lynnwood Road and University Road

– Rigel Avenue and N1 off-ramp

– Pretoria Street and Simon Vermooten Road

– Simon Vermooten Road and Furrow Road

– Lynnwood Road and N1 off-ramp

– Solomon Mahlangu Drive and N4 off-ramp

– Solomon Mahlangu and R21 highway

– Atterbury Road and N1 off-ramp

– Pretorius Street traffic lights

– Francis Baard Street and Festival Street

Hereby we at SA-News give recognition to the author of this article Keitumetse Maako from Pretoria East Rekord.


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