A serial killer may be on the loose in Pretoria, targeting homeless people sleeping in parks in the city.

According to eNCA, three homeless men have been murdered in the same manner in the past two weeks.

The station reported that the latest body was found on Tuesday at the Magnolia Dell Park in Muckleneuk.

Another body was reportedly found in the same park, while the body of a third victim was found close to the park two weeks ago, according to Pretoria News.

All victims were reportedly killed in their sleep. They were stabbed and hit by a blunt object, according to eNCA.

Around 6 000 people in Pretoria are reportedly considered homeless.

According to a representative of an NGO who works closely with homeless people in the city, more homeless people have reported being attacked in a similar way, but managed to escape.

Lucky escape

“They’ve been reporting violence towards them. We spoke to a guy three weeks ago who was sleeping when he was stabbed. He woke up and got away, luckily, and he’s still alive,” the unnamed representative told eNCA.

Police spokesperson Captain Daniel Mavimbela said that intelligence units had been deployed.

“We are also patrolling areas that are frequented by homeless people to ensure we heighten awareness among them.”

News24 reported that police have launched a manhunt following the discovery of two bodies in Magnolia Park, Pretoria, at the weekend.

“Though the deceased were found to have suffered blunt force trauma and multiple stab wounds to the upper body, the motive behind the killings and their identities remain subject to an investigation,” Mavimbela said in a statement.

“Sunnyside police have launched a manhunt and deployed among others, forensic experts, multiple informers and intelligence networks following the discovery of the third body of a homeless man at Muckelneuk’s Magnolia Park in Tshwane on Sunday.”

-News 24
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