It is believed a certain Stoffel and a Diana L Kamwenje may have information related to the ‘agency’ that allegedly scammed Denise Hausermann.

Forensic investigators are asking for two people to come forward who they believe may have information about an alleged fraud at the department of home affairs (DHA) in Pretoria, after a Swiss national was scammed.

When her pensioner’s permit expired, Denise Hausermann, 67, had come to love living in SA and she found an “agency” in a newspaper to help her through the red tape.

It is believed a certain Stoffel and a Diana L Kamwenje may have information related to the “agency”.

According to senior specialist investigator from IRS Forensic Investigations Andre van Wyk, Hausermann initially paid R10,000 for her application for permanent residency (PRP).

Hausermann’s purse, containing her passport after she received her PRP and temporary identity document (ID), was stolen in a separate incident soon after she started dealing with the agency.

“Over and above the R10,000 cash, the victim had to pay for the application, two more deposit slips were found for R1,500 and R2,000 respectively as top-up payments for the ID and passport that had to be paid into a FNB bank account in April 2014,” said Van Wyk.

Hausermann then attempted to obtain a new permanent residence visa but after she failed to reach Stoffel, she approached a well-known immigration lawyer. The attorney found the documents to be fraudulent.

And while Van Wyk hunts for the perpetrators, the DHA apparently wants nothing to do with the matter.

“This turned into a monumental disaster for Hausermann, with her being branded as a dishonest person and told to leave SA, instead of [the DHA] investigating the allegations,” said van Wyk.

An appeal was made and other letters followed, to no avail until a formal complaint was laid with the minister, as well as a criminal case registered against the alleged agent.

“It was initially thought the DHA would initiate the investigation but this was never done. The client did attempt to register a case with [the police] but was turned away [through lack of] evidence,” he said.

Hausermann cannot visit her family abroad, use banking facilities or do anything where she needs to prove legal status in SA.

“She can’t even visit her mom’s grave and bid another gravely ill family member farewell. She can’t access her bank account as she isn’t able to comply with their Fica requirements due to not having a visa. Her life is falling apart and the DHA couldn’t care less about the matter,” he said.

DHA spokesperson Siyabulela Qoza did not respond to The Citizen by the time of going press but promised to do so at a later stage.

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