Race divisions issue continues at Unisa

THE two black women at Unisa who complained that the white professor was racist were actually the perpetrators of harassment, bullying, abuse of power and intimidation of junior staff members, said a group of academics at the institution. The group of professionals of different races - including black - claimed the women had charges laid against them by junior staff members, but the university had been reluctant to deal with them because the alleged perpetrators were black. Last week, the women told the media that the white professor, who the Pretoria News opted not to name, was racist and aggressive. They alleged he made their lives miserable on campus. One of the woman claimed she was harassed and suspended by the professor, but later won a case at the CCMA and was reinstated. However, the academics now allege the woman did not win the case on substance, but rather due to a technical issue. “It must be noted that the professor accused of racism had not playe…
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