ANCYL, Vat Alles workers vow to bring Pretoria CBD to a standstill

No application had been received by Monday night for Friday’s planned shutdown of the city spearheaded by the ANC Youth League (ANCYL) Greater Tshwane region. Mayoral spokesperson Samkelo Mgobozi said: “We are aware of the planned shutdown. However, no application has been received to our knowledge and thus the march will be unprotected and illegal.” Mgobozi said the DA-led administration hoped there would be no loss to life or limb, or damage to property, and that proceedings would be conducted within the ambit of law. Metro Police spokesperson Nonhlanhla Mgiba also confirmed that no application had been received for the planned march. Mgiba said the City had only received a request for a march by former Expanded Public Works Programme (EPWP) employees. Mgiba said the ANCYL march had not yet been approved due to requirements still pending. However, the route to be taken would be communicated once the march was approved. “Should this march be approved, the …
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