Bultfontein, PTA: Farm attack, man shot dead, elderly sister wounded

A violent farm attack took place on 26 August 2018, at 23:20 on a smallholding in Bultfontein, north of Pretoria. Two attackers neutralised the electric fence and lifted the gate and then broke the front door down. The man (74) was shot in the head outside the home and died on the scene and an elderly woman, the man’s sister, was shot in the abdominal area and was rushed to hospital. A third occupant of the house, a woman, apparently managed to raise the alarm on the emergency radio and the attackers fled. She was not injured. It seems that a firearm was stolen from the home during the attack. There have been no arrests and police are investigating. The incident was first reported on twitter by Ian Cameron of AfriForum. South Africa Today – South Africa News
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