Six year old girl raped in men’s toilet at Dros restaurant in Pretoria

A witness says the suspect was sitting alone while he was watching the girl in the play area, and when the girl went to the bathroom he followed her. A six-year-old girl was allegedly raped in the restroom of a popular restaurant in Pretoria on Saturday. According to a witness who wished to remain anonymous, the man was “stalking his prey” while she was playing in the children’s area of Dros restaurant in Silverton. The witness claimed the man was sitting alone in the smoking section, where he asked for a glass of water, saying he was waiting for a friend. Shortly afterwards, the man moved nearer to the restaurant’s play area and started watching the girl, who was on her own. Moments later, the child went to the bathroom and the man followed, the witness said. “He allegedly snatched her from the female rest room, blocked her mouth and took her to the men’s rest room where he raped her.” The child’s mother, who is apparently a regular at the Dros, noticed th…
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