EFF warns Rosslyn companies during protest: Police won’t be able to protect you – demand a basic minimum wage of R12 500

Thousands of EFF members, some who work in the area, marched on Thursday to demand a basic minimum wage of R12 500 and worker ownership and control to the South African Breweries, PRAGA Technical, BMW, Nissan, Afrit Trailers and Coca-Cola. Tshwane Secretary Nqobile Mhlongo told BMW that workers will close down the area if their demands are not met. “There is no political or police force which will protect companies in Rosslyn area from thousands of workers. Companies must not wait until there is no time and there is social instability which will collapse business in the area until they extend ownership of companies to workers. The sooner we realise economic freedom for workers, the better for Rosslyn to grow economically.” The party’s deputy chairperson Leofi Leshabane said workers have complained to Nissan about being on night shift for several years without any rotation but nothing has been done. There are also complaints of racism at Afrit Trailers and Praga Tech…
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