Kleinfontein an Afrikaner settlement near Pretoria

Pretoria - The petrol station attendant warns me I am going to get killed in Kleinfontein. "Are you sure you want to go there?" he asks, looking concerned, after I stop to ask him for directions. According to my GPS, I am five minutes away from the settlement, an Afrikaner cultural community near Bronkhorstspruit. "Yoh my man, the white people are going to kill you there. You are not the right skin colour. They will stop you at the gate and won't even let you in." I tell him I am going to see for myself. As I approach the entrance, I am scared. Large white letters, "Ons God Ons Volk Ons Eie" (Our God Our People Our Own) are affixed to the grey wall next to the boom gate. What if the petrol attendant was right? Tense wait A skinny, mustachioed man wearing camouflage trousers, black boots and a khaki cap, and holding a clipboard and a pen, approaches me after I stop at the boom. He asks me in Afrikaans who I'm visiting. I identify myself and tell him I …
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