Row over occupancy at Jean Crossing Shopping Centre in Centurion

TWO years after the upmarket Jean Crossing Shopping Centre in Centurion opened its doors, it is still battling to obtain a certificate of occupancy from the City. The main dispute between the parties relates to the construction and completion of a main stormwater drainage system that the mall owners had agreed to erect on behalf of the City at an estimated cost of R22million. The City accepted that the physical buildings and all services at the shopping centre had been completed, but it was not willing to issue the final certificate of occupancy as the stormwater drainage system had not been completed. The City said the system - which will serve about 1000 households and numerous businesses around the shopping centre - constituted infrastructure “incidental to the building” (the mall) and it can thus not issue a final certificate. This, while the Jean Crossing Shopping Centre had been occupied since 2015 and the City levying its full quota of rates and taxes, servic…
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