Pretoria Zoo rejects grumbles from dissatisfied visitors

Dissatisfied visitors took to social social media over the festive season, saying that Pretoria Zoo had shoddy maintenance and a lackluster workforce. Zoo visitors spend too little time at enclosures and if they don’t see the animal immediately, they walk past and assumed the enclosures were empty, says Pretoria Zoo spokesperson Angeline Schwan in response to recent visitor complaints about the absence of animals. On Facebook, Christiaan David Vdm Cardoso vented his frustrations, saying he would not be visiting the zoo again. His post outlined his qualms, which included staff not doing their job properly, poor conditions and a run-down facility, among others. “I cannot express my utter and sickening discuss at how the zoo has turned out!!! “As an avid zoo visitor annually I am saddened to say that you will not see me and my family ever again,” he wrote. Saying it was a depressing place to go to, Cardoso said: “I am 37 years old, have been coming to the zoo sin…
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