Executive mayor of Tshwane nominates new police chief

Executive mayor of Tshwane, Solly Msimanga, has nominated a policewoman Johanna Nkomo for the position of chief of Tshwane Metro Police Department. Msimanga announced the nomination at Tshwane House ahead of the council sitting on Thursday. “I am glad to announce that the interview process has been concluded and we now have a nominee for the position of TMPD Police Chief. Msimanga hailed Nkomo as "someone with vast experience" within the policing environment. “The nominee is someone we strongly believe can fulfill the duties and responsibilities of the position of Tshwane’s top cop and assist in bringing the change to Tshwane which we desire and making the city a safer place to live in,” said Msimanga. He said Nkomo would assist the City in keeping residents safe. "We look forward to working with Nkomo in engaging some of the more challenging issues that are before us and some of the most exciting things that the City is working on to bring to the people of Ts…
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