Pretend to be a skelm and secure your home against burglars

According to the UK's Home Office Statistics, home owners are twice as likely to be burgled within 12 months of moving homes. "In South Africa, it is more than likely that this is true as home owners are unfamiliar with the 'weak' spots in their home security," says Mary-Jane Lefevre; call centre manager at ooba (formerly MortgageSA). "Safety will always be a priority in South Africa," says Lefevre. "Securing your home should be one of the first things you do when you move into a new home." When moving into a new home 'act like a skelm' suggests Lefevre. "Carefully case out your new home as a potential target," says Lefevre. "Try all the access points such as gates, windows, doors and even the roof to see if there are any potential entries." The most valuable asset a burglar has is time, so any preventative measure installed to delay his entrance is beneficial. "Tidy up your garden," says Lefevre. "Having a tidy, trim garden will make it more difficult for…
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