Illegal land grabbers in Faerie Glen, Pretoria East became very hostile and threatened the community that they will burn down their homes and kill them

Dear Residents, I just got back from an attempted land grab of Municipal Property in Faerie Glen, Plaston Str. I arrived on site this afternoon with the community who wanted to meet with the 'owners' of the property after they started building and even put in an illegal water connection to this property, probably to make the construction seem more legitimate. Unfortunately for the land grabbers, the community is very well organized and aware of the fact that this property is a Municipal Road Reserve. I immediately contacted the MMC as well as the Chairperson of Roads & Transport from the site, who confirmed my position that no Municipal Land was sold to these 'owners'. I proceeded to disrupt this meeting, saying that we cannot engage with thugs grabbing land and, unless they can prove the contrary, they should leave - this prompted the land grabbers, who were very diplomatic up until then, to show their true colors and intent. The land grabbers became very h…
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